Origina, leader in IBM third-party maintenance

IBM Origina is the leading independent maintainer of IBM software (third party maintenance) currently supporting 800 of the 1,500 products IBM software. With a growing community ofexperts With IBM technology at its disposal, the company offers enterprise-class software support on a global scale.

With its head office in Dublin in Ireland and its offices around the world, IBM Origina provides high value-added services to a wide range of customers international. The company was founded in 1998 and started its activity as a business partner of IBM. customer As a growing software support company, it has developed a third-party application maintenance offer to complement its activities with IBM. The quality of the services offered and the expertise of the people involved were widely appreciated by the customers, which reinforced the company's commitment to this direction. But the story didn't end there, as the idea of offering a IBM third party maintenance has made its way and became a reality from 2014 onwards after having formed teams ofexperts from within the ranks of IBM, and cleared all legal hurdles.

Today, Origina has extensive in-house technical expertise and, by leveraging the power of the collective support ecosystem, has become the only credible alternative software maintenance provider for technologies IBM software (third-party maintenance) certified Cyber Essentials, cybersecurity strategy compliance and ISO 27001, process compliance for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining and improving information security management systems. Building on this experience, IBM Origina has created a revolutionary business that offers a greatly enhanced, customer-focused support service that provides many benefitsusing the same technical resources as IBM, but at a significantly reduced cost.

Origina, a high level service offer

The service offer IBM Origina is based on :

  • Support for more than 800 IBM products in all versions, to ensure that your IBM applications work properly.
  • A maintenance offer on IBM software, to extend the life of your IBM software licenses and ensure a return on investment on your IBM licenses.
  • A multi-tiered IBM software security offering, including service transition review, service hardening and vulnerability advisories.
  • An audit of your IBM licenses to protect you against risks related to the use and rights of the brand's software licenses.

Softcorner, partner of the company IBM Origina, adds to the expertise of this provider powerful tools that will allow you to have an agile management of your IBM software. You will be able to regularize your situation with IBM at a lower cost by purchasing your expired or missing licenses on the Softcorner marketplace. Thanks to our platform, you will be able to enhance the value of your software assets following the license audit conducted by Origina, decommission your unused licenses and resell them legally to finance new infrastructure projects.

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