A bit of history

Founded in 2014, Softcorner is the 1st platform and the only French player on the secondary market of professional software (buying and selling used licenses). We are now leaders in Europe with more than 2500 registered companies in over 25 different countries.

Initially, our observation is that of a huge mess. Indeed, while many organizations are looking to equip themselves at a lower cost, others are accumulating very large volumes of unused software. This is the famous "Shelfware" whose residual value is not negligible. The idea of Softcorner was born: to provide IT professionals (especially CIOs and purchasing departments) with a secure environment that would allow them to take advantage of the new market for second-hand licenses.

Our mission is simple. We want to facilitate used license transactions by offering several advantages. First, a clear contractual framework. Secondly, by offering guarantees for the buyer and the seller. And finally, to accompany you throughout your transactions.

Ct Softcorner, platform doesn't mean "dehumanized" - quite the contrary. You will always find someone to answer your questions and help you. We make it a point of honour to support our customers as best we can.

A team at your service

Habibou M'Baye

Habibou Mbaye

CEO, President and founder of Softcorner

Habibou holds an engineering degree from UTBM and has completed a management course at ESCP Europe. Before founding Softcorner, he started his career as a Lean Manufacturing Manager in the automotive industry. He was then recruited by Webhelp, a European leader in BPO, as an Account Director, in charge of business development and market approach strategies for a portfolio of B2B clients. He founded Softcorner in 2014.

Gilles Goulay

Gilles Goulay

COO, Director of Operations

Gilles obtained a Master's degree in computer science from the University of Paris 6 and has acquired more than 35 years of experience in the field of electronic document management software publishing, within French and international companies recognized in this field (EMC, Benctec, UIE, Philips Data Systems, Filenet).

Tamsir Fayer VP CMO Softcorner

Tamsir Fayer

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

A graduate of NEOMA Business School and holder of a Master's degree in Social Psychology, Tamsir began his career at IBM Global Business Services as a consultant (Marketing Strategy, new services and business applications, B2B environment for large accounts). He then continued his career at Viatys and Maltem Consulting Group. He then joined the transport group Heppner as Director of Innovation Heppner (digital strategy roadmap, redesign of the B2B portal with startup partnerships, Open Innovation logic). He will join Softcorner in early 2021 to accelerate the development of the platform and work on Softcorner's product and brand strategy.

Nicolas Papon

Nicolas Papon

CTO, Technical Director

Nicolas obtained his master degree in information technology from the University of Versailles and a master degree in modeling and international economics from the University of Paris Dauphine. Mr PAPON has acquired more than 9 years of experience in software development (Total, Paymium, Webflows).

Luc Chaplain

Luc Chaplain

Key Account Business Developer

Luc holds a Master in Information Systems Management from ESSEC Business School. He started his career in the IT department of Essilor. After joining Capgemini where he started as an IT Consultant, Pre-Sales Manager and Bid Manager, he took the responsibilities of Business Unit Manager and then Global Account Manager for a global French account in the TELCO sector. This career has allowed him to gain extensive experience in selling complex projects, including direct sales to large accounts. He decided to join Softcorner in 2016.