Guarantees for the buyer of used licenses

Purchase of used licenses

At Softcorner, our priority is to offer all the necessary guarantees to ensure that your purchase of used licences goes smoothly. The process and contractual framework we have put in place is designed to ensure that the seller can guarantee the buyer :

  • The existence and availability of the licenses involved in the transaction in its assets
  • The legitimacy and legality of its initial acquisition of licenses, from a publisher or authorized distributor or from a previous legitimate vendor
  • The completeness and accuracy of the documents characterizing the license transmitted via the platform
  • The conformity of the licenses assigned to the documents communicated, particularly with regard to the scope and terms of the right to use the software
  • The sincerity and timeliness of all the documents and information transmitted relating to the licences transferred
  • The uninstallation and cessation of all use of the software concerned
  • Keeping the original of the documents characterizing the license

Any breach of these commitments by the seller is likely to engage his responsibility towards the buyer. Our teams actively monitor compliance with this procedure, all used licenses available on Softcorner are in accordance.

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