Convert your unused software licenses into cash

+2500 potential buyers for your licenses on Softcorner

Why selling your licenses on Softcorner ?

Many organisations are looking for second hand licenses in order to save on their IT budget.

For those owning unused licenses, selling these software assets is an opportunity to recover the residual value and to generate a significant potential gain.

The Softcorner platform is your trusted third party to carry out these transactions.

Sell your licenses

How it works

Softcorner makes your transactions easy with a clear process and the electronic signature of documents.

Post your offer

with your licenses details.

Match! Get an offer

negotiate directly with the buyer.

Receive the payment

which achieves the transaction.

Deliver the licenses

with their genuine documentation.

The security
The transfer process associated with the contractual framework ensures the legal and financial security of the transactions.
The law
Transactions are carried out in strict compliance with the provisions of the European Court of Justice ruling C128-11 of July 3, 2012.
Matching and negotiation
The opportunities are proposed, then the parties have at their disposal the means to negotiate quantities and prices anonymously.

How much are your software licenses worth?

All licenses have a market value. Assess the book value of your assets thanks to Quotus, the first software price reference developed by Softcorner.

Assess with Quotus

They trust Softconer

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