Contribute to the financing of your priority IT projects by reselling your unused software

Whether you have recently upgraded or not, you can quickly get the most out of your unused software assets by posting your offers on our used software buying/selling platform.

Why resell your licenses on Softcorner?

Many organizations are looking to acquire used licenses to save money on their IT budget.

For those who have unused licenses, reselling these software assets allows them to recover their residual value with a significant potential gain.

The Softcorner platform is your trusted third party for these transactions.

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Whether you have unused licenses or a need for licenses, Softcorner allows you to buy or sell on the secondary market with a secure process.

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Post your listing

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Guide to sell your used software licenses

The presence of unused on premise applications in your infrastructure is a source of additional costs that can be quickly quantified depending on the amount of software licenses deployed, the space allocated on the servers, the number of users and the number of applications, the amount of software licenses deployed, the space allocated on the servers client workstations and backup systems. These software licenses can also consume network resources and IP transit, which are much more useful for legitimate processes.

Decommissioning these applications can provide substantial savings and optimize and optimize the operation of your hardware and software infrastructure by rationalizing the allocation of resources to useful processes.

In addition, the ability to sell your unused software assets on the secondary market for used licenses through our Softcorner is a great opportunity to integrate a reasoned and sustainable circular economy. It is also an opportunity to finance your transformation and digital security projects through the profits obtained from the sale of your used licenses.

Everything you need to know about selling your used licenses with the Softcorner marketplace

To help you implement this strategy and fully understand the mechanics of selling used licenses on our Softcorner marketplace, download our guide "Selling your software licenses on the used market".

This document, written by our experts, will guide you through each step of your project to ensure that your approach is secure, ensure the legality of your actions and guarantee your transactions.

In this free guide, you will find everything about the legal provisions the benefits of selling on the second-hand market, the reseller's checklist for securing your project, and our recommendations for secure your project,and our recommendations for optimizing your journey as a seller of used licenses on our Softcorner platform.

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Guide Vendre des licences logicielles d’occasion

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Most wanted licenses

They chose the second hand market

Whether you have unused licenses or need licenses, Softcorner allows you to buy or sell on the secondary market with a secure process.
Key Accounts

Key Accounts

By providing us with the Softcorner platform we have saved several million euros compared to a traditional purchase of licenses, and even several tens of millions of euros over several years given the price of the cloud.



With Softcorner you have the guarantee that the licenses offered are completely valid and of high quality. Under these conditions, the second-hand license can become a reflex. We have thus integrated it into our thinking as an alternative to the editor.



The principle of putting us in contact with buyers seemed more transparent to us than that offered by brokers. In addition, we have always been satisfied with the service and advice that the Softcorner teams have been able to provide us.

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An easy to use marketplace

Estimate your licenses easily

Our used software license buying/selling platform allows you to easily estimate the residual value of your application licenses. Based on the real market price of the licenses available for sale or purchase, you will have a precise and transparent idea of the value of your entire unused application park. Your unused licenses are not worthless!

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Secure transactions and payments

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the security of your payments is essential. That's why we are associated with Mangopay to secure payments through an escrow account. Moreover, we work with AXA to provide sellers with insurance coverage. Finally, all the elements and contractual documents are digitally signed through our partner Docusign, thus guaranteeing a perfect traceability of all your exchanges.

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The transfer process combined with the contractual framework ensures the legal and financial security of transactions.


The transactions are carried out in strict compliance with the provisions of Ruling C128-11 of 3 July 2012 of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The negotiation

The opportunities are proposed, then the parties have at their disposal the means to negotiate quantities and prices anonymously.

Secure payments

Secure payments

by Mangopay

insured transactions

insured transactions

by Axa and Docusign

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Free registration

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