USU, leader in Software Asset Management solutions

USU was originally a company called Asperta, specializing in third-party computer maintenance. It offer of services and intelligent solutions in the field of digital and customer service management. Many companies around the world use the digital solutions ofUSU to support their customers and employees in a constantly changing digital world.

The company USU develops software allowing to optimize the management of data and data flows between the different actors of the company, and offers to the managers powerful decision-making tools. The solutions proposed by USUthe leading provider of software and services for the managementand customer service (PinkVerify, Serview, ISO/IEC 27001 certifications, etc.), enable them to optimize their collaborative processes in order to guarantee the agility and efficiency of their customers in markets that are increasingly dynamic, demanding and exposed to competition.

Created in 1977, the USU company has been growing steadily since then, supported by the expansion of its business scope. Today, the group of German origin has nearly 750 employees in various subsidiaries around the world, including one in France. They support French customers on a daily basis, English and international markets by offering customized, high value-added services and intelligent software solutions for digitizing services and processes, and resource management.

IS management tools developed by USU

The USU company has developed a set of software These powerful digital tools are accompanied by high-level services for software deployment, user training and system modeling. These powerful digital tools are accompanied by high-level services for software deployment, user training and modelling of the systems implemented.

USU is building a powerful digital ecosystem within organizations, enabling clients to reduce costs, increase agility and reduce risk.

Among the various building blocks developed by the USU companymodule, the Software Asset Management is more than just a set of software solutions. It is a powerful asset management tool that allows a management of your software assets. It includes several advanced features that simplify the collection of information in complex environments and allow you to accurately map all on premise (perpetual) and on demand (cloud) licenses deployed on your information system and to your employees.

From this list and in close collaboration with the experts USUYou will be able to set up a strategy for the valuation of your software assets and conduct actions efficient. You'll be able to decommission your unused licenses, identify available documents, and then value and sell all of these assets on the Softcorner marketplace. With the SAP (Optimization for SAP), Oracle (Oracle Optimization), and SaaS (SaaS Optimization) license management modules built into the Software Asset Management platform, you can establish a dictionary You will be able to check the status of your installed licenses and, if necessary, add to your computer system at a lower cost by purchasing the missing licenses from Softcorner. You can also uninstall and sell licenses you no longer use, along with their documentation, to finance new IT projects.

USU/Softcorner, for sustainable and efficient management of your software assets

The Softcorner platform, partner ofUSUThis service is an extension of your asset management strategy. It allows you to value your software assets and to sell and buy second-hand software licences that you need to complete your software park if you are not in order or to equip your employees.

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