Our partner Club Décision DSI

Softcorner becomes partner technology 2022 of the Club Décision DSI  

Habibou M'BAYE, CEO Softcorner, explains this partnership:  

"We are pleased to announce Softcorner as a 2022 Technology Partner, and as such we will be participating in various upcoming conferences and roundtables.  

Through this partnership, we want to exchange and share our experience with members, and guide them in their projects to meet the challenges that CIOs may face in a sustainable manner. 

Softcorner is the 1st leading B2B platform on the secondary software market in Europe. Our used software licenses marketplace allows you to buy "On Premise" licenses with discounts up to 80% and sell your unused licenses to finance your new projects. Buy/sell easily and securely on Softcorner smart marketplace!

The principles of the circular economy are becoming more and more prevalent within companies given the global context. It is now common sense and good management to recycle the tangible and intangible assets of an IT department and, by extension, of a company. Even if IT spending is on the rise again, it is done in a rationalized and optimized way. Priorities have evolved: cyber security / cloud / core business.

CIOs optimize investments, we strive to take control or regain control of our cloud spending, we optimize / perpetuate our on premise. The secondary market is a lever for achieving all these objectives.

Presentation of the Club ISD Decision

The Club Décision DSI is the largest organization of IT decision makers in France. A private and independent network of 1,300 IT decision-makers, including CIOs, CIOs, CIOs and CIOs, with 14 CIO Ambassadors for their sectors of activity, a President and a Vice President. 

Each year, the DSI Decision Club identifies 40 innovative companies to introduce them to club members. The Décision DSI Club brings together experienced men and women, driven by the desire to take action to support other CIOs in their professional projects.