Payment on Softcorner

Mangopay Partner

Payment with a Mangopay escrow account

The payment of the licenses is made through an escrow account system in order to protect both parties. 

For each transaction, a payment account is opened free of charge with our financial partner Mangopay.

The details of this account are indicated on the invoice sent to the buyer. The invoice contains the IBAN description of the associated escrow account. We have recently integrated an "ibanization of accounts". From now on, each trader has a unique dedicated IBAN that never changes. As soon as the buyer has transferred the full amount of the transaction to it, the license transfer is immediately executed.

Prior to the transaction, the seller will produce all evidence of compliance by providing all documentation related to the licenses sold. Once the funds are received in the payment account, the package containing the documentation is forwarded to the buyer.

The payment is made electronically through the secure solution of Mangopay. The funds remain in escrow for 15 days to validate the compliance of the licenses by the buyer. To know more about the transfer licenses.

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