Meet Softcorner at the CRiP Annual Convention on December 8 & 9, 2021

CRiP 2021

Softcorner, the leader in the secondary market for used licenses, will be present at the 14e convention of the CRiP which will take place on December 8 & 9, 2021 in Paris, at the Espace Champerret in the 17e rounding.  

This year, this unmissable event of thecommitted IT ecosystem will have as its unifying theme Responsible Digital. As an actor involved in the fight against programmed obsolescence of professional software licenses, Softcorner will speak on the founding themes of the circular economy, IT frugality and the reuse of software licenses.   

CRiP in a few words

A solidly established club

The CRiP, club of infrastructure, technology and IT production managers, is an association founded in November 2007. It brings together under its banner most of the major French groups and many ETIs and administrations, all sectors combined.

Produce content and organize events to transform digital practices

CRiP is independent of suppliers (publishers, manufacturers) and offers pragmatic and operational content for companies engaged in a profound transformation of their practices. In all, the association produces 250 deliverables per season and 25 white papers, practical sheets and compendiums.

The objective of the annual CRiP convention is to promote and build a responsible digital ecosystem. During these two days, you will discover new practices and new tools that will allow you to apprehend the future of your business differently and to evaluate the most relevant technologies for your activity. You will also meet innovative partners and build relationships with business leaders and decision-makers who are just as committed as you are.    

Used software licenses with the Softcorner marketplace, the first step in your digital revolution 

The share of software licenses in the overall IT budget is far from insignificant. If you add up all the direct and indirect costs of purchasing licenses, installation, training, maintenance, upgrades, and hidden costs (resource and energy consumption), the expenses can represent nearly 40 % of a company's IT budget. 

With its B2B marketplace specialized in sale and thepurchase of used software licenses on premise, Softcorner is an essential player and pioneer of these new uses. It allows you to :

  • Streamline your software architecture and technical infrastructure
  • Gaining flexibility and agility
  • Make substantial savings that you can invest in structural projects such as security, mobility, digitalization of processes, etc.

How does the Softcorner marketplace work?

The principle is simple. With the Softcorner marketplace, you can quickly sell your licenses You can purchase unused or used software to meet a new need for a project requiring the implementation of a client-server type architecture or to equip a new employee's workstation. The procedure is easy and the transaction is secured by your trusted third party Softcorner.

To purchase a used software license : 

  • You create your search.
  • If a sale matches your needs, you send your proposal to the seller and negotiate directly.
  • The payment of your order is done securely with Mangopay.
  • You receive your perpetual licenses complete and ready to use.

 To sell a used software license :

  • You post your advertisement by giving precise information about the characteristics of the license you are selling and the quantity available.
  • If your ad matches a buyer's need, you receive a proposal from the buyer and negotiate directly with him.
  • You receive the payment.
  • You deliver the licenses with the documentation and the elements necessary for its installation and its good functioning.

Softcorner supports you in all your endeavours and ensures the compliance of licences and transactions.

To learn more about the Softcorner marketplace, please visit 14e edition of the CRiP

To learn more about our platform, come and meet us on December 8 & 9 on our booth H05. Surprises and many goodies are waiting for you. You will be able to attend the presentation of our marketplace specialized in the purchase and sale of used licenses and hear the testimony of our customer ENEDIS. This feedback will give you a concrete idea of how to integrate the Softcorner B2B marketplace into your organization and evaluate the benefits.  

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