Oracle: third-party application maintenance and used licenses.

Save money by purchasing your Oracle on premise licenses on the Softcorner marketplace and by subscribing to third-party application maintenance.

The American company Oracle, founded in 1977, has rapidly become the world leader in database management. Its offer is structured around the development of relational database management systems (RDBMS) and integrated application suites, dedicated to large companies in all sectors. Oracle also offers optimized servers and scalable storage solutions to ensure the performance of its customers' applications and databases in complex architectures.

Its technological expertise allows it to develop products on innovative environments, with the connection of Oracle Database to the cloud in 2013, a first secure and consolidated database in the cloud. Its offer is eligible for the third-party application maintenance and includes on-premise solutions, with a range of on-premise, hybrid, and on-demand enterprise applications that include products and services from the Oracle Cloud Applications portfolio.

Introducing Oracle's on premise and cloud offerings

Oracle is present on the most advanced technologies to bring to its customers in the world solutions adapted to all types of infrastructures.


Oracle on premise applications

Oracle's on-premise license offering covers all business needs and activities. Oracle Database technologies are available as on premise versions with, among the most recent versions, Oracle Database 19c. You will also find in the catalog the ERP E-Business Suite (EBS), PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. These are integrated management systems made up of application modules specialized in the various functions of the company:

  • Purchasing, procurement and supplier management;
  • Production and logistics management;
  • Management of orders, stocks ;
  • Asset Life Cycle Management;
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM);
  • Financial services (accounts receivable/payable, advanced cost accounting...) ;
  • Human Capital Management;
  • Project and service management.


Also available in perpetual licenses, Siebel's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) applications for large companies offer advanced functionalities in all areas of customer relationship management, with the Sales, Marketing, Services, Commerce modules...

As part of the evolution of your software architecture or for the implementation of new digital services, you can buy these Oracle perpetual licenses at a better price on the Softcorner marketplace, and ensure the third-party application maintenance of your software with our partners Rimini Street and Support Revolution.   


Oracle Applications in the Cloud


The Cloud offering is built around Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, which is a comprehensive suite that incorporates artificial intelligence to automate manual processes, accelerate analysis processes to incorporate market fluctuations with agility and in real time, and efficiently manage application updates on a virtualized environment. Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning includes the following products:

  • Financials Management, which provides an accurate view of the financial situation to enable you to manage your business and make the right decisions;
  • Project Management, the tools to align your projects with your business strategy;
  • The Purchasing module for a precise management of your suppliers' purchases, supplies, contracts...
  • Business Performance Management;
  • The analytical...


The Oracle ERP that you deploy to build a hybrid or 100 % virtualized infrastructure can be completed with the Supply Chain and Manufacturing (SCM) module for planning your supply chain, inventory management..., the Customer Experience (CX) module for sales management, marketing... and the Human Capital Management (HCM) module, with human resources management, skills management...    

Presentation of Rimini Street and Support Revolution third-party application maintenance solutions

Third party application maintenance Rimini Street

These Oracle applications are the heart of your information system. The architecture set up guarantees the continuity of flows and data, and the performance of your activity. The choice of the third-party application maintenance Rimini Street, the leading provider of third-party software support services, enables you to secure your long-term digital investments and take back control of the maintenance and evolution of your infrastructure, without having to submit to the diktats of the editors. Rimini Street Software Support provides expert Oracle support and services for your mission-critical applications through a customized contract that includes preventive and progressive maintenance of your information system. With the Rimini Street tma application, you extend the life of your ERP investments, reduce your support costs, improve the security of your applications and databases, and control the processes and rhythm of your updates...

Third party application maintenance Support Revolution   

Support Revolution is also a major player in the third-party application maintenance certified ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. It provides customized services allowing you to save up to 50 % on the cost of editor maintenance. The teams of experts cover all your TMA needs. They guarantee the maintenance in operational condition of your Oracle applications and database systems (Database, EBS, Hyperion, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards...) on premise, hybrid and cloud without any time limit, through regular actions on :

  • Security updates;
  • Corrective actions;
  • Preventive actions;
  • Evolving actions.


A specific organization is set up for each client, with a dedicated account manager and 24/7 support.

Your Oracle Database and ERP licenses available on the Softcorner marketplace

The Softcorner marketplace, leader in the European market for buying and selling used perpetual licenses, references Oracle Database and ERP software licenses in its online catalog. It is an innovative tool for optimizing your software assets. Softcorner simplifies and secures the purchase of your Oracle licenses on the secondary market. The platform ensures a quality relationship with the seller and guarantees that the on premise licenses are compliant with the legislation and operational (version, program, installation tools, activation keys, documentation...).

You can also decommission unnecessary software from your infrastructure and sell it on the marketplace. This allows you to increase the value of your software and to finance your digital projects thanks to the sale of this software. This way, you contribute to the extension of the life cycle of software licenses, perpetuate your hardware infrastructure and become an actor of the circular economy.  

Third-party application maintenance + used licenses = the winning duo to save money

The alternative offered by the Softcorner marketplace ofbuy your Oracle perpetual licenses usedless expensive associated with the third-party application maintenance Rimini Street or Support Revolution is the solution to build a powerful and sustainable software architecture, and realize substantial savings on your digital investment budgets. By integrating in an optimal approach of asset software management and digital sobriety used Oracle licenses and a solution of third-party application maintenance you gain agility and performance.         

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