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Softcorner, what is it ?

On SOFTCORNER, you benefit from the best opportunities offered by our hundreds of European buyers and sellers for used licences.

Our trusted third party platform brings together all the steps and features to successfully complete used licensing transactions

Buy and sell used licenses all over Europe in perfect safety!

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Enter the Software Asset Remarketing era

Whether in terms of quantity, edition or version, SOFTCORNER allows you to continuously adjust your license base to suit your needs.

Your unused licenses are taken internally, avoiding unnecessary purchases. Otherwise, they are sold and thus contribute to financing your new needs.

Whatever the situation, your licenses adapt to your governance, not the reverse!

Discover the Software Asset Remarketing

A license does not wear out.
Software licensing remarketing involves taking advantage of recent developments in European law to revalue these expensive assets by giving them a second life. Whether by reusing them within the company or reselling them on the secondary market, European companies and governments now have the possibility of setting up a patrimonial management of their software assets.

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How much are your software licenses worth?

Now, your software assets have a market value.
With QUOTUS, find out how much you can resell your unused licenses.

You have more money than you think!

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All you need to know about buying and reselling used software licenses, a real tool for optimizing and managing your assets in your organization.

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