Everything you need to know about Dassault Systèmes Solidworks

Solidworks is a set of computer-aided design tools developed by the company Dassault Systèmes. It is a subsidiary of Dassault Aviation created in 1981 by a team of engineers specialized in the development of 3D modeling software for mechanical design and the creation of aerodynamic models. At the same time, the group entered into distribution agreements for its software under the CATIA brand, which has become the world's leading 3D design and product experience software.

In 1986, as the design of complex components became more widespread, Dassault Systèmes released the 4e version of its 3D design architecture that allows for integrated 3D product design. This is an important step forward, as this platform makes it possible to create complete 3D models and prototypes.

In 1995, Solidworks Corporation, named after the CAD software Solidworks developed, was acquired by Dassault Systèmes. This step laid the foundation for the software innovations that followed, with the release in 2012 of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform developed to support Dassault Systèmes' customers in their innovation process. In the latest versions, Solidwork software solutions and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform form an ecosystem that connects all tools, data and teams involved in your project to improve productivity, collaboration and innovation.

The products Solidworks 

The Solidworks brand has become the world leader in computer-aided design with exceptional, easy-to-use, intuitive products that promote innovation and collaborative work. Solidworks products are available as on-premise licenses installed on a Windows environment and as a cloud version through the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The brand's software solutions are grouped by field of activity which are

Design and engineering

This section includes tools for designers and engineers, such as the SolidworksCAO 3D software for 3D design and manufacturing. This software also includes tools for sheet metal work, surface management, collaborative functions, and structural analysis functions, depending on the version. In this same section, you will also find the Solidworks Electrical Schematic software (design of integrated electrical systems), Solidworks Electrical 3D and Professional.


Data and collaboration management

Data and Workflow Management is a critical part of the system, bringing together the software tools to populate and store data files and information that allow all stakeholders to contribute and bring product ideas to life. The Solidworks PDM application focuses on managing data files and documentation. Advanced features allow you to index design data and optimize productivity in a secure space. Solidworks Manage is another tool that helps manage data and collaborations. It is an advanced record-based data management system. It is a powerful tool for integrating a large number of functionalities and sharing them with the stakeholders involved in the project.     


Manufacturing and production

From the idea to its realization, the software tools of the Solidworks brand also take care of the manufacturing stages of the products. The Solidworks CAM software allows you to carry out the various manufacturing tasks of a product being designed. This module is enriched by the Machinist Standard and Professional software versions, which constitute a part modeling environment and allow the import of neutral files... The Solidworks Inspection software is a powerful tool for creating documents (BOM, measurements) that describe products and prepare the manufacturing phases. The software optimizes the creation of inspection reports in compliance with industry standards.



Solidworks simulation software covers product structural analysis, fluid dynamics calculation and injection molding simulation. These are analysis tools that are integrated into the design process and are used in the product manufacturability phases. These include software solutions such as Solidworks Simulation, which enables finite element analysis to be carried out in order to predict the actual behavior of a product, and Solidworks Flow Simulation, which enables the flow of liquids and gases to be simulated in order to calculate the functional performance of products subjected to these tests. Solidworks Plastics software is used to analyze the manufacturing process of parts by simulating the flow of plastic during injection molding.      


Marketing and sales    

The Marketing and Sales section of the Solidworks brand of onsite software includes applications that allow you to design communication tools for the presentation and marketing phases of your products. Solidworks Visualize uses all 3D data to design static and dynamic graphic content for your various media. Solidworks Visualize Boost improves rendering efficiency by optimizing resource allocation. Solidworks Composer allows you to reuse existing 3D models by updating them with your 3D design data. This allows you to be more efficient and faster in designing high-quality renderings.

Compatibility with the DELMIAworks management software

Solidworks 3D design systems interface with DELMIAworks brand ERP manufacturing software. It is an integrated suite that extends the work of design and preparation of the manufacturing of products. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the industrialization phase of product manufacturing, with the various modules of purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, financial management and sales management...  

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