What updates for Microsoft Office 2019?

When it comes to software, it is always interesting to keep informed of functional and security evolutions in order to decide if it is important or not to update your applications and to follow the rhythm imposed by the editor. They are not all essential and it can happen that some major updates force you to upgrade your system or even your hardware configuration.

The management of updates to the Office suite 2019 is no exception to the rule. To remain in control of your configuration and IT investments, it is advisable to select the updates that really benefit you in terms of security, stability and performance on the useful functional scope.

How Microsoft Office 2019 updates work

By default, the Office 2019 on premise office suite is set to be updated automatically. A scheduled task will search for available updates without distinguishing between security and functional updates. As part of this procedure, Office will automatically start the download. Once the update is downloaded, it will install when you restart your Office 2019 office suite. You can also manually trigger the update search from Help > Search for Updates.

The difficulty is that there is no distinction in the update files that are downloaded. By disabling automatic updates, you can check the nature of the update before installing it and launch it if you deem it useful. This way, you can stabilize the durability of your computer configuration and make full use of the applications you have installed and that perfectly meet your functional needs, in an eco-responsible way. 

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