Buying used Office Pack licenses: why?

Office Pack

Why buy used Pack Office licenses?

With more than 1.2 billion users worldwide, the Microsoft Office package, renamed Microsoft 365 in 2020, is the leading office software suite on the market. It is a must-have for many businesses that need powerful tools to perform their many daily office tasks. And still unmatched by the competition of free software.
The problem is that the Office package is expensive. Especially since Microsoft is a master in the art of regularly releasing new versions of its favorite software suite for reasons of compatibility, optimization ... or marketing.
In this context, how can you avoid paying the high price of an upgrade that is not adapted to your needs, while keeping what you already have in terms of use?
The purchase of a used Pack Office license is the opportunity to save money with a reliable solution that is adapted to your needs.

What is a used Pack Office license?

The offer of Microsoft Office has become much more complex in recent years, with software versions multiplying, particularly in the context of dematerialization.
Since the 2012 ruling by the European Court of Justice, surplus licenses can now be resold on the secondary market and allow CIOs to acquire older versions of Microsoft Professional at very attractive rates while keeping their IS in operational condition and in compliance.
The purchase of a second-hand office pack licence thus allows the right of use and therefore the licence contract to be transferred to the new purchaser.
A used office pack license such as Office Professional Plus 2016 or Office Professional Plus 2019 will contain all the software present in the new Microsoft suite, namely : Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, Powerpoint for your presentations. But also Outlook, Publisher, Access to mention only the most known.
Just like a new license, you will be able to have multiple accesses depending on the number of users in your company.
In order for your used Office license to be compliant, please check the following points:
You buy a software in the European Union
The software was lawfully acquired by the original owner
The software was initially acquired for an indefinite period of time
The software has been successfully uninstalled from its original system

Buying a used Office Pack license: what are the advantages?

The benefits ofbuy a used license Pack Office are the following:
You save on the cost of acquisition
Overall software spending accounts for almost 35% of the IT budget. However, updating and support represent hidden costs that are increasingly high, up to 15% of the purchase price. With a used Pack Office license you can save up to 80% on your purchase.
You manage your IT investments over the long term
It is actually uneconomical to invest in the latest version of software every time. The burden of managing hardware and/or software obsolescence takes about 40% of the time normally dedicated to development.
Choosing a used Microsoft license allows you to balance your choices according to your real needs.
You meet the compliance rules
All used Pack Office licenses are verified and guaranteed to be compliant with the original licenses. This reliability protects you against a fine that can be colossal during a compliance check by Microsoft.

Where can I find a used Pack Office license?

You can find a used Pack Office license at many resellers.
First of all, the giants of online distribution such as FNAC or CDiscount. On the other hand, you will not be able to equip professional users in number because these marketplaces are rather dedicated to individuals.
Then there are the brokers. These brokers will only deal with putting you in touch with a potential seller, but will not deal with the compliance verification process.
A B2B platform specializing in used software transactions, such as Softcorner, is a reliable and qualitative alternative for companies with high financial stakes in their software investments.
Our ambition is to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers by acting as a trusted third party. As such, we carry out all the checks upstream to ensure win-win transactions.

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