Microsoft Office 365 price increase announced for 2022

Office 365 rates

They may say that this is the first increase in rate for microsoft office 365 since its launch in 2011, the fact remains that the price of the license per user will weigh more heavily in the IT budget of companies. These price hikes on Microsoft's cloud subscription office suite for Windows and Apple will not be applied initially to the general public and the world of education, but they will be quite significant. The arbitrations by geographical zones are not yet decided, but to give you an idea, the prices in dollars of the Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard and Premium versions will record increases from 8 to 25 % per user license.


Why such increases on the Microsoft office 365 tariff


Increases in the price of a software license are generally explained by the technological and functional developments of new versions. The on-demand version of Office is no exception to the rule, and software licenses have been enriched over the years with a portfolio of applications covering in a more or less exhaustive way depending on the license chosen (Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard, Premium) all the needs in terms of document production, database management, communication, collaborative work and real-time exchanges...


These technological developments are certainly welcome, but not all companies have the same needs in terms of IT services, nor the desire to systematically follow the roadmap imposed by the publishers. In this period where IT frugality is becoming a necessity, when IT departments are confronted with this type of announcement, they must be able to remain in control of their IT development strategy and keep their hand on their investments. 


Small and medium-sized businesses, large companies, stay in control of your software assets 


There are many solutions and levers available today that allow IT departments and purchasing departments to avoid the increases imposed by publishers and to keep control of their investments in major IT projects. Regardless of the size of your company and your sector of activity, you are bound to be affected by the March 2022 increase in the Microsoft office rate 365. The on-premise version of the collaboration suite is increasingly present in the enterprise software estate, and each workstation purchased is usually equipped with a ready-to-activate Office 365 license by default. IT departments need to counter this with proactive management of their software assets and focus on the secondary license market to provide each employee with the functional coverage they need to perform their tasks.


Optimizing an organization's software assets coupled with the secondary market with Softcorner marketplace are the two main levers of action for IT management. Thanks to an accurate mapping of your office park You will be able to determine which software versions are useful and which ones can be decommissioned and resold on the Softcorner marketplace. You will be able to value your assets, monetize the licenses you no longer use, and target your investments precisely according to your needs and your projects. By focusing on the secondary market, you will no longer be dependent on price increases. microsoft office price list, and you can buy at a very good price (up to 80 % savings on your purchases) the Office perpetual versions you need.


By implementing software asset management and using the Softcorner marketplace to buy and sell your software licenses on the secondary market, you can avoid the increase in microsoft office price list on subscription-based versions in the cloud. You will also participate in the development of a green IT economy and circular, and you will extend the life of your software and hardware infrastructures.    

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