Gartner reports on the European used software licensing market

Gartner 2021 study

Gartner published a study in early January 2021 on how to reduce costs and create cash flow with the European secondary software licensing market[1]. The report is based on one observation: the need for companies to optimize their costs in order to mitigate the consequences of the 2020 health crisis. Here are the three key ideas to remember.


1/ A controlled legal framework

Gartner does not fail to remind you of the legal framework that applies to this market and to present the legal obligations of each of the parties involved. For example, your service provider will need to perform a number of upstream checks to verify the eligibility of the proposed licenses and to ensure the security of the transactions.

 "Don't let the publishers discourage you from using the aftermarket software license. Remind them that you're looking for the best value and that you have full control over your software rights management. "


2/ An essential alternative to reduce your costs

The software market is undergoing a double movement: on the one hand, companies are showing strong needs, especially for collaboration solutions, and on the other hand, the prices applied by publishers have never been so high. The secondary market thus represents a legal and multi-publisher alternative to the official market.

 "Buying used licenses is a cheaper alternative to perpetual licenses. [...] The price difference becomes even more important in the case of older versions (with a support policy adapted to your needs). "


3/ An alternative to generate profit

Interesting point in this study: Gartner also highlights the interest of reselling unused licenses on the secondary market. A well-supervised process that allows you to recover money and stop unnecessary spending.

 "You'll generate cash flow, but you can also reduce your maintenance costs [...] by up to 50 %. You can also use the profits generated from these sales to fund your transition to the subscription model or the cloud. "


Download the Gartner study



[1] Original title of Gartner study: Cut Costs and Create Cash Flow With the European Secondary Software License Market

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