How it works?

Softcorner Insurance

The Softcorner insurance

SOFTCORNER allows you to sell your software licences with confidence in partnership with AXA

A transaction insurance, why ?

When you sell licences via Softcorner, you guarantee the buyer:

  • the conformity of your licences 
  • their desinstallation as well as their availability
  • the accuracy of your offer's content on the platform

To cope with the financial consequences of possible errors of good faith, occurring in this process of sale, and allow you to carry out transactions with confidence, SOFTCORNER has set up SOFTCORNER Insurance, in partnership with AXA.

The guarantees of the SOFTCORNER insurance are activated automatically and without extra cost, on all your transactions carried out via the SOFTCORNER platform.

How it works ?

1. What does the insurance cover ?

SOFTCORNER insurance is a guarantee of professional civil liability for companies using SOFTCORNER to resell their unused licenses

In partnership with AXA, the SOFTCORNER insurance covers - subject to the conditions stipulated in the contract, the guarantee table is visible in the guarantee tabs - the financial consequences, damages (bodily, material, immaterial, etc.). ), which you could cause to a third party, as part of the software licence resales that you realize via the SOFTCORNER platform.

Main exclusions

SOFTCORNER Insurance is not intended to guarantee:

  • the civil liability exploitation of the insured (responsibility for the goods that it exploits, the human and material means that they implement);
  • the pecuniary consequences of misuse or fraud;

2. Which countries are covered by the guarantee ?

The guarantees of the SOFTCORNER insurance apply automatically to all sellers from the countries covered, carrying out transactions via the SOFTCORNER platform, regardless of the country of the buyer.

The opening schedule of countries is as follows:

3. What are the warranty limits ?

Amount of guarantees and deductibles
(Where the same claim simultaneously involves different guarantees, the insurer’s maximum liability does not exceed, for the whole of the damages, the greater of the amounts foreseen for these guarantees, as specified in Article 6.3 from General Terms and Conditions)

How to report a damage ?

In case of damage, you can contact our AXA General Agent :

François-Xavier COMBE
14 Avenue Général de Gaulle
Tel : +33 (0)
Fax : +33 (0)
E-mail :

For further information, you can also contact AXA’s support team at any time 24/7 at the following telephone number: +33 1 55 92 26 92.

For further information: 

  • General Terms & Conditions 
  • Specific Conditions 
  • Operation of guarantees over time

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