How it works?

Safe trading funel

SOFTCORNER is your trusted third party for perfectly supervised transactions

You have found the ideal opportunity to sell or buy. Congratulations!
Now let us drive you through the different steps of the transaction process and transfer your licences securely

A contractual framework of exchange

SOFTCORNER is first of all a unique contractual framework, setting the rules for software license transfers between each company

A standard Sales contract applies to all transactions between platform members, thus guaranteeing transactions that are both fluid and well-managed. 

Transfer and checking of the licence documents

In a licence transfer, paperwork management is an essential step (cf. documenting licence transfer) At the end of the transaction, the purchaser must have in his possession all the credentials to trace the licences since their initial acquisition.

After their negotiation, it is on the basis of the documentation and the description sent by the seller that the respective commitment of the parties is formalized in 3 stages:

  1. The seller completes his description and upload all of his documentation
  2. Once complete, the seller seals this sales package by validating its promise to sell. It certifies its sincerity and completeness
  3. The buyer reviews an anonymized version of the sales pack by validating its promise to purchase. He certifies that he has read all the elements and that he buys knowingly.

Electronic document and billing management

Once the purchase and sale promises have been validated, the billing process starts:

Seller's quote is generated automatically

The buyer validates it by signing it electronically or by returning his own order form

Upon receipt of the order form, the invoice for the transaction is automatically issued and sent to the buyer in the name and on behalf of the seller, according to the billing mandate provided for in the general terms and conditions of the transaction.

Finally, the commission invoice is also sent to the seller

Paperwork and billing management is fully automated, dematerialized and archived electronically.

The use of the electronic signature, via our partner Docusign, thus makes it possible to formalize a protocol of impossible to deny proofs between the buyer and the seller, while preserving their anonymity as long as the transaction is not validated. It's simple and secure!

Secured paiment and escrow account

For each transaction, a payment account is opened for free at our financial partner MANGOPAY. The details of this account are indicated on the invoice sent to the buyer.

Once funds are received on the payment account, the package containing the documentation is sent to the buyer.

A 15 days delay is enforced before releasing the escrow account funds. to validate receipt by the buyer.

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