How to assess the price of software licenses?

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, helping to determine the right price for your transactions is one of the missions that we have set for ourselves since our beginnings in 2014.

This is the reason why Softcorner developed Quotus, the first price reference for the second hand software market.

As a built-in feature, Quotus indexes and references about 150 000 software licenses, allowing us to advise you with a realistic price range when you post a search request or make an offer for sale on the marketplace. 

Thanks to Quotus, you can:

  • Make transactions at a fair price
  • Estimate your assets with a fair valuation
  • Apply the right price for internal software ownership transfer
  • (Re)evaluate the book value of your software assets and optimise your equity

All licences have a market value, and Softcorner is here to help you determining it.

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