Guarantees for the buyer

On Softcorner, offering all the guarantees necessary for your purchase to be as smooth as possible is our priority. We have put in place a process and a contractual framework so that the seller warrants to the buyer :

  • The existence and availability in its asset of the licenses that are the subject of the transaction; 
  • The legitimacy and legality of its initial acquisition of licenses, from a software vendor or Distributor or from a previous seller himself; 
  • The completeness and accuracy of the Documents characterizing the License transmitted via the Platform, in accordance with the description of the relevant Sale Offer; 
  • The conformity of the licenses transferred to the communicated documents, in particular with regard to the scope and modalities of the right to use the software; 
  • The sincerity and timeliness of all the documents and information provided in relation to the licenses transferred; 
  • Uninstalling and discontinuing any use of the affected software; 
  • Retention in original of documents characterizing the License. 

Any failure in complying with these commitments is likely to engage the seller responsibility towards the buyer. Our team is actively working to ensure that this process is carefully respected.

Do you have any question regarding the buyer guarantees? Contact us

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