How it works?

Fnancial monitoring of your software licences

My inventory : the financial reporting of your software licences

The feature My inventory crosses your inventory data with our QUOTUS price repository, to produce the following 4 reports.

State of the installed base

Centralize your inventory data in one place by importing the list of licences you have and the overview of your deployments.

The state of the installed base report shows you a picture of your application installed base by aggregating the licences you have and your deployments

For each software, view very simply:

  • The compliance rate of its use 
  • and the license utilization rate

In this way, you identify situations that require corrective action very simply and efficiently.

Value of the installed base 

Your financial services closely follow the net book value (VNC) of your application portfolio, but do you know its market value?

In many cases, while the licences are written off and the VNC is zero, the market value is far from negligible. Indeed, the software licences do not wear out, and are on the contrary revalorized and updated regularly under the effect of the maintenance. 

Whether the issue is accounting, tax or simply out of curiosity, there are many reasons to look for the real value of its assets.

Determination of fair value under international accounting standards 

  • justification of valuation methods for a transfer price
  • Internal rebilling of software costs (chargeback)
  • Valuation of net assets during mergers / acquisitions

By comparing your inventory data with our price reference, Quotus (c), the value report of the park gives you an estimate of your application assets according to this market value.

Financial risk

When your company runs more licences than it owns, it may find itself in a situation of non-compliance, which poses a risk of recovery in the event of auditing by the publisher.

The financial risk report allows you to quantify the financial impact that these situations might represent.

Potential earnings

Like all companies, your company has many licenses which it no longer has the use.

The reasons for this are many: 

  • Overestimated acquisition 
  • abandonment of project
  • decommissioning
  • migration

The secondary market now allows you to resell these licences and recover their residual value.

The potential earning ratio allows you to estimate this value