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Estimate software licence market value

QUOTUS : market trends and prices

Which products are traded on the market? At what price ? What is the state of supply and demand? 
QUOTUS gathers all the information you need to understand the dynamics of the market or know exactly the value of your licences.

QUOTUS, what is this ?

Since the decision of the European Union of July 2012 (CJEU C128 / 11), the contractual clauses preventing the resale of perpetual software licences are illegal (to know more).

From now on, the software licences are resale free of opportunity, and therefore have a market value, which can be estimated.

SOFTCORNER, operator of Europe's leading marketplace for Software Asset Remarketing, leveraged its unique software secondary market experience to develop the first software license rating.

A unique know-how and a meticulous analysis of numerous quantitative and qualitative criteria (data of the primary and secondary markets of the software, frequency of the updates, software life cycle, ...) allows our team of experts to evaluate precisely and Independently the value of each licence.

With nearly 150,000 references available and updated regularly, QUOTUS is a unique repository for estimating fair value.

When using QUOTUS ?

Many situations require the valuation of software assets:

  • Do you want to sell software licences? QUOTUS helps you to set your selling price 
  • Want to buy software licences? QUOTUS provides some basis for negotiation
  • Do you want to transfer software licences between two subsidiaries in different countries? QUOTUS helps you determine the transfer prices to apply for your tax returns
  • Do you want to transfer software licences as part of sponsorship? QUOTUS helps you determine the reference prices for calculating your capital gains / losses and your tax rulings
  • Do you want to value a company's assets in a merger / acquisition action? QUOTUS helps you to enhance its installed base asset

Valuation at fair value, an obligation and an opportunity for companies

IFRS 13, which in accordance with EC Regulation 1606/2002, is binding on all listed companies that publish consolidated financial statements, emphasizes the need for fair value measurement of assets, based on information obtained from the markets.

Market participants
An entity should use the same assumptions that market participants would use to price the asset or liability, considering that market participants are acting in their best economic interest.
Excerpt from IFRS 13: Fair Value Measurement

By ignoring this value and applying a zero net book value over 3 years to all of its application assets, your company degrades its balance sheets and underestimates its financial health.

You are richer than you thought!

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