How it works?


A contractual framework dedicated to secondary software market

Unique in this category, Softcorner Market makes available to European companies and governments a technical and legal framework, establishing the confidence conditions required for carrying out software licensing transactions. 

By joining the Softcorner Market, you implement the legal conditions of all your future transactions, purchases or sales, on the platform. 

The accession of all members to the standard sales contract facilitates the completion of transactions while being perfectly legally processed. 

A European BtoB market 

The Softcorner Market is aimed exclusively to professional business. European sellers and buyers acting on behalf of their companies, ranging from the SMB to the largest multinational, find themselves there to trade their software assets. 

Transactions are only possible between companies with a Trader account on Softcorner. As sellers are required to collect funds via the platforms, they are systematically subject to a certification process (KYC for Know Your Customer), carried out by our financial partner. 

Whatever the country of origin of your co-contractor in a transaction, the rules of operation and prerequisites remain the same, your experience of buying or selling either, while increasing the visibility of your offerings and offering you as many opportunities as possible. 

A trusted third party with secured payment solution

As a trusted intermediary, Softcorner oversees the entire transaction from the point of contact to payment through billing. At each transaction, the entire documentation (see How to properly document a license transfer?) is time-stamped and archived electronically in our secured data-room, so as to guarantee its integrity during 10 years. 

For the payments, Softcorner frames Sellers and buyers up to billing and payment. For each transaction, the funds are paid and sequestered into an escrow payment account opened with our financial partner. They are released once the transfer of ownership has been carried out and all the parts recovered by the purchaser. For the seller, it is the guarantee to be paid. For the acquirer that to receive its licenses. 

In the event of any litigation between the parties, Softcorner has all the evidence to ensure a reconciliation according to the contractual terms of the exchange. 

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